Upstairs Words and Nine Arches Press present...

All My Mad Mothers & The Hill

Jacqueline Saphra and Angela France

Finished run

AGES: 14+
TICKETS: £6, £8, £10

Nine Arches Press presents a poetry show double bill, complete with live music and much more…

Poet Jacqueline Saphra and musician Benjamin Tassie present All My Mad Mothers, a show about mothers and daughters, discoveries and coming of age. Witty, vivacious and sharply-observed, the poetry performance is perfectly matched with Tassie’s specially-composed live music score.

Angela France’s The Hill is a poetry, sound and vision show that traces natural and radical pathways up Leckhampton Hill. We meet the rioters who stood up for their right to ramble, and ask questions that are just as relevant today. Who owns the land, and who has the right to roam?

Nine Arches Press will at the theatre all evening and will have copies Jacqueline Saphra’s  and Angela France’s latest books.

Show Times

Sat 16th Sep
7.30pm to 9.30pm
£6, £8, £10

This Monday @jimsmallman and @TheSameFaces bring us the unpredictable but always funny improv Uncle Armando ( £8/£6

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