Upstairs Theatre and Rob Gee present...


Rob Gee

Finished run

AGES: 14+
TICKETS: £8/£6

A comedy about drinking, death and a missing pacemaker.

Dominic wakes up with a memory blackout and discovers he’s handcuffed to a coffin. Archie bequeaths his pacemaker to his friend who falls in love at his funeral. Maddy has kicked a mugger in the groin and now she has a taste for it. Bollock has his issues.

Show Times

Wed 13th Jun
7.30pm to 9.00pm


Seriously funny
Sunday Mirror

A master storyteller - Prepare to be blown away
CBC Canada

The kind of performer you pray you'll discover
Orlando Sentinel

On Saturday 20 October at 8.00pm we have Live From The Dining Room, an evening on contemporary music with local artists Rhett Barrow and Melanie Pegge ( £8/£6 @RhettBarrow1 @melaniepegge