Leicester Comedy Festival presents...

Extreme Commuter 10

Adham Fisher

Finished run

AGES: 14+
TICKETS: £8/£6

Adham Fisher is not a comedian. It just happens that what has happened to him on public transport is so bizarre that people usually laugh when he tells them. He rides public transport for much longer than necessary, going to every station on a rail network, and calls it extreme commuting. He has had a station sign made for him in Chicago, taken a child out of school in Boston and set a Guinness World Record in New York. But could riding on all 593 London buses in 24 hours be beyond even him and his team? Come and find out.

Show Times

Fri 16th Feb

On Saturday 20 October at 8.00pm we have Live From The Dining Room, an evening on contemporary music with local artists Rhett Barrow and Melanie Pegge (ow.ly/XTtw30m88wZ) £8/£6 @RhettBarrow1 @melaniepegge pic.twitter.com/ZwRsKupVYY