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Father’s Day

Mat Ricardo & Matt Stellingwerf

Finished run

AGES: 14+

Treat your Dad to something special on Father’s Day with our Sunday afternoon double bill:-

Mat Ricardo – For the last three decades, variety performer and juggler Mat Ricardo has carved out a living travelling around the world performing tricks, feats of dexterity, juggling, balance and associated manipulative miscellanea. While his feet have trod the boards of theatres, the shiny floors of TV studios and the cobblestones of piazzas, his hands have pulled tablecloths off and back onto tables, flipped hats, bounced balls, spun plates, and done all manner of crowd-pleasing, jaw-dropping malarkey. But he has a problem. In thirty years of constantly seeking unique, original ways to display his deft ingenuity, he thinks he might have done everything. He’s run out of tricks to learn. So he’s doing something stupid – Challenging everyone in the world to try to come up with tricks that they think he can’t learn. Anyone, anywhere, can tweet him a challenge and he’ll pick the most interesting ones, and then devote the next year of his life to attempting to learn them well enough to perform in front of a live audience, in his new one-man show. (Video Preview)

Matt Stellingwerf – Stand-up comedian Matt has come an impressively long way in a short amount of time. He is one of the newest rising stars on the UK comedy scene, having dominated the comedy stages of New Zealand for the last five years. Highly regarded by his peers, Matt has won four NZ Comedy Guild Awards, including Best Newcomer, the much coveted Billy T Award. (Video Preview)

Show Times

Sun 17th Jun
3.00pm to 5.00pm


When this erudite satire-superstar gets onto the stage for his comedy set, the acceleration from zero to a hundred jokes is measured in seconds
Theatre Review NZ

an intellectual ‘Fonze’...extremely laid back and relaxed with the audience, seamlessly having banter and keeping his cool
Keeping Up with NZ

Puppies in the house! @FTRWpoetry tonight...…