Katie Greenall and Daisy Hale present...

Fatty Fat Fat

Written by Katie Greenall

Fri 20th March

AGES: 14+
TICKETS: £10 Theatre

Do you ever feel like your body takes up too much space in world that doesn’t want to make any room?

Katie is fat. She’s pretty much always been fat, and probably will be fat forever more. Join her in the ‘Cha Cha Slide’, munch on some crisps, and have a listen to what it’s like to live in body that people can’t help but have an opinion on.

FATTY FAT FAT is a funny, frank and provocative solo show about living in a body the world tells you to hate. Leave your diet books at the door.

Show Times

Fri 20th Mar
£10 Theatre


A funny, tender, poignant and important show
The Wee Review

Fatty fat fat is brilliant
Within Her Words

Katie Greenall performs the show with such honesty, vulnerability and humour you are rooting for her throughout
View From The Cheap Seat

a carefully plotted see-saw of emotion

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