Leicester Comedy Festival presents...

Memoirs of a Dater

Samantha Sinyakena & Josh Rai

Wed 7th February - Wed 7th February

AGES: 14+
TICKETS: £8/£6

A modern day spoken word performance about the trails and tribulations of a young woman and her dating disasters. Inspired loosely from the Vagina Monologues this funny but truthful rendition of dating in the modern age is sure to have every woman in the room reflecting on their dating history in a comic way.

Instagram: @sinyakenastory

Facebook: samantha sinyakena

Show Times

Wed 7th Feb
Wed 7th Feb

On Friday at 8.00pm we have Live From The Dining Room with contemporary music from locals Andy Griffiths and Daren Jilks ( ow.ly/tKry30htX72) £8/£6 @tinysteelorchs Darren Jilks #livemusic #Leicester pic.twitter.com/HBmgDPExMp

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