Upstairs Comedy presents...

Richard Pulsford & Tom Houghton

Richard Pulsford & Tom Houghton

Fri 22nd June

AGES: 14+

On their way up to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018, some of the best comedians are stopping off in Leicester to try out their new shows on the unsuspecting Upstairs At The Western audience. Tonight we have:-

Richard Pulsford – If you like one liners, wordplay, gags and that kind of comedy, then Richard is a comedian who aspires to write and perform those kind of jokes. His first gig was at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2004 and his style is most often likened to that of Milton Jones or Tim Vine. In 2016 he performed at the UK Pun Championships in Leicester for the third year, and this time was the runner up. He has performed at the Glasgow Comedy Festival, the Merchant City Festival in Glasgow and is on his way for a full run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Tom Houghton – Former star with a guitar of The Noise Next Door and Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year finalist in 2017. Tom’s just been made The Honourable. Not through his own achievement. His dads now a Lord and he gets it by default. Still living in the Tower of London and up to no good. The poshest comic on the circuit explores what it means to be Honourable.

Show Times

Fri 22nd Jun
8.00pm to 10.30pm


Like a well-oiled machine of mirth... a likeable stand-up comedian with great material
Buxton Fringe

Richard Pulsford is a congenial showman… the audience loved him… you will not be disappointed
Prague Fringe Festival

The long awaited male answer to Bridget Jones made flesh… this unexpected tour de force warrants a 21-gun salute
The Daily Telegraph

A crafty idiot
Daily Mail

On 9 June at 7.00pm we have the hugely talented and funny @davealnwick back on stage with a preview of his new Luxury Magic Show ( £5

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