Leicester Student Film Festival presents...

Red Turtle

Director: Michaël Dudok de Wit

Thu 28th March

AGES: 14+

A silent animation co-produced by the legendary Studio Ghibli, The Red Turtle showcases beautiful visuals and an environmentally relevant story. A nameless man is washed onto an isolated island after a violent storm. As he tries desperately to return to civilisation, a giant red turtle fights to keep him at bay. After battling with the creature, the turtle and the man’s lives are changed after the third attempt at getting home.

Show Times

Thu 28th Mar
7.30pm to 9.00pm

On 10 April at 7.30pm we have The Same Faces on stage with Uncle Armando, an evening of hilarious improvised comedy sketches based on audience suggestions and tales from comedian Stella Graham (ow.ly/hVuk30o7aPr) £8/£6 @StellaGraham Pop-up vegan kitchen open from 6.00pm pic.twitter.com/XXnq1DHo2O