Upstairs Words and Rob Barratt present...

Rob Barratt Comic Poet

Finished run

AGES: 14+
TICKETS: £8/£6

We open or Autumn 2018 season with an evening of comic poetry.

Rob Barratt is a Dudley-born and Cornwall-based comic poet, humourist and singer. His brain-tickling, word-mangling performance combines clever word play, verse and song with satire, parody and audience participation. Rob deals with such important topics as squid, data-driven education, Neanderthal politics, the weather in Scotland, distressed furniture and tuk-tuks. In recent years Rob has appeared at folk, literature and arts festivals all over the UK and in Australia.

Visit Rob’s web site (Click Here)

Show Times

Sat 1st Sep
7.30pm to 9.00pm


This is not only clever but I think it’s very funny
Mike Harding

His head is well and truly located in ‘Planet Barratt’, clearly a place of wonderfully bizarre inspiration
Coventry Telegraph

Mind-bending poetry
Twickfolk, London

One of the funniest performers yet. His audience was with him from the moment he began
Write Angle, Petersfield

Tonight at 9.00pm we have Mandy Tootill on stage with her Twin Peaks, who proves that sometimes horrible things happen to the nobbiest of people and when faced with her own mortality, how did she cope? ( £8/£6 @LeicsComedyFest

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