Katie Arnstein presents...

Sexy Lamp

Written by Katie Arnstein.

Finished run

AGES: 14+
TICKETS: £12/£10

“So I figured if McDonald’s can call itself a restaurant, I can call myself an actor”.

Ever since Katie was cast as the lead in her primary school Christmas show Santa’s Snow Mobile she believed there was a place for her in show business. Since then named, speaking and fully clothed roles have been hard to come by…

Sexy Lamp, winner of Show of the Week at the VAULT festival 2019, brilliantly combines comedy, original songs and storytelling to shed a bright light on how ridiculous the industry can be and why Katie is refusing to stay in the dark.

Show Times

Thu 12th Sep
Fri 13th Sep


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Government advice means we are now closed until further notice. We’re heartbroken for our lovely theatre, our magnificent artists, our loyal audiences & volunteers & all our comrades in the industry. Love to you all. ❤️

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