Upstairs Theatre and Clown Funeral present...

The Murderer

Finished run

AGES: 14+
TICKETS: Pay What You Feel

I have a murderer in my house. It’s all perfectly fine.

In a world where citizens rehabilitate criminals, the Carer and the Murderer go for coffee and play badminton. Clown Funeral’s adaptation of Luke Kennard’s darkly comic poem tells the story of their unusual relationship, questions how easily we can forgive someone and asks to what extent our obsessions can consume us.

Using an electrifying style that blends surreal humour, physical theatre and original music, Clown Funeral vividly bring the bizarre world of the poem to life for one last time. With a rolling cast portraying the characters of the Carer, the Murderer and Everyone Else, this unconventional three-hander poses difficult questions about morality, preconceptions and care in a uniquely offbeat voice.

This is a Pay What You Feel event.

Show Times

Sat 18th Nov
7.30pm to 9.00pm
Pay What You Feel

On Saturday 20 October at 8.00pm we have Live From The Dining Room, an evening on contemporary music with local artists Rhett Barrow and Melanie Pegge ( £8/£6 @RhettBarrow1 @melaniepegge