Upstairs Music presents...

The Secret Life of Lutheran Chorales

Leah Stuttard & Agnethe Christensen

Finished run

AGES: 14+
TICKETS: £8 (£6 Concession)

Celebrating the 500th anniversary of the start of the Reformation, Leah Stuttard and Agnethe Christensen bring Scandinavian folk music to our stage with the bray harp, bells and Nordic lyres (metal strung instruments from Lithuania and Russia).

Both artists sing folk hymns from across Scandinavia but also as far afield as Ukraine and Estonia, with some haunting and unexpected chromatics. They will play music from the 15th and 16th centuries, full of gorgeous harmonies, for a beautiful evening full of meditative moments.


Show Times

Sat 11th Nov
7.30pm t0 9.00pm
£8 (£6 Concession)


Dazzling fingerwork
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Christensen was superb
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We have just had 2 tickets returned for our sell out show Drag Queen Bingo tonight at 7.30pm. They are available on-line to whoever books first. Crystal would love to see you ! (

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