Upstairs Theatre and Immerse 16 Theatre present...

Voices of Reason

Barnaby Nyombi

Finished run

AGES: 14+

Voices of Reason is a passionate and contemporary play aiming to challenge common misconceptions and assumptions about immigration. Initially rooted in real events, the play soon takes a dystonia direction as a young Polish lesbian questions whether her British bi-sexual girlfriend’s soft-protest is enough to legitimate the controversy she causes.  
Immerse 16 are a new and upcoming theatre company aiming to make immersive, thought-provoking theatre as they tackle mental health issues head-on, striving to make theatre that audiences will remember by pushing the boundaries of the conventional theatre space.

Show Times

Thu 12th Oct
7.30pm to 9.00pm

We’re on our summer hols, but just wanted to let you know that our Autumn 2018 season is now on our web site, and it’s full of contemporary drama, poetry, music, comedy and film. We’ve got a blockbuster Christmas musical too (